Sunday, 2 December 2012

So I got bored...

...and played around with photoshop for a bit. Pretending that it's all edited I made a cover. It's not and I won't have a say in the cover anyway but pretending is nice.
The result is this:


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    1. This is how I put it in Nano: Miriam Colesire is a loudmouth, angry girl who is trying to get home after being dragged into a land of monsters by her own reflection. Invisible to hungry demons unless they can hear her, Miriam has to learn how to fight, hide, take control and make her way across a strange, moving landscape to the only person who can get her home-the Queen, who all the monsters fear and who may kill Miriam on a whim. All without opening her mouth.

      But this is before editing. It might turn into something about a cat eating moths before I'm done. *Shrug* :)

    2. The stealth mechanic, does it only dissipate when she speaks or does she have to silence herself completely in order to avoid detection?
      if she does get revealed is it to all or only to those that perceived her and can she regain stealth if she loses line of sight or something of that nature?

      I like to ponder about the little details of a story's universe its fine if you don't want to answer any of these questions.

    3. No, I'll answer no problem. I'm glad your interested. Sorry about not doing so earlier-present shopping has taken over my life. It comes undone when someone hears a noise made by her vocal chords. So footsteps won't reveal her but a cough, moan, grunt or sound of pain will reveal her to anyone in earshot. Also once it's gone, it's gone forever. That's one of the main plot points. :)

  2. Sounds and looks like an interesting story. How's it going? :-)

    1. I was editing until my comp died and took with it the last three chapters. Thanks be for USBS! How's editing going with doorways?

  3. WORD-O-KAUTION, frilly-girly: I gnawed the psychology sublime, as infinitely plumbed did I the imperial chasm, surrounded by plethora of evidence, this stranger and a pilgrim, standing below the gulf between our subsequent elevation-O-dynamism; I eventually essentially re-told the indescribable paradox (ten-thousand-times better than the movie Avatar, realizing my words don‘t give anything justice).
    Seventh-Heaven was beyond belief:

    ‘Summum bonum’
    (Latin: supreme good from which all others are derived).

    Gotta wanna see more of these poignant culprits!!!
    I looked up, exhorting the pragmatism;
    I looked down, the profound stanza of Heaven,
    I could basically sense after awhile…
    Efficacious… emphasize… exaggerate…
    totally blown-away at how much the Trinity loves me.
    I love you, two.