Saturday, 19 January 2013


Now that I'm editing SB, I've taken to writing more short stories. Today's is a story about a lazy law officer who is inspired to solve some weird cases. It's a little wacky, very strange and very me.

As I type I'm making up a playlist for a new short story I'm writing.  I love listening to music as I write. I've done the experiments and tracking my writing to know that it makes me write faster as well. I'm going to share the music I pick for this one with you guys and I hope you let me know what you like listening to.

Sometimes I like music without any words while I'm writing. This story just calls for lyrics!

This won't be all of them in the playlist, just 5 songs to give you a taste. 

1. Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol. (I also have the mix up of this with the Police and 'every step you take'. Check that out! Why here it is!)

2. Five for fighting-100 years. This song is so sappy and sweet. Also the video. It's an old guy talking to a young guy about love and stuff and I'm just- the feeling are welling up- I CAN'T TAKE THIS AMOUNT OF MUSH! sweet.

This is starting to seem like a romance and it's not. At all. Hmmmmm. Let's mix it up a bit, shall we?

3. Foo Fighters- The Pretender.

4. Also Foo Fighters- Wheels

5. Joshua Radin- Brand New Day. I first heard this man on Scrubs and instantly became a fan. His voice is like strawberries dipped in melted chocolate.

That's it! That's my playlist taster for you.

Do you have playlists for writing? Pop, rock, metal or jazz? Share them! You might have the awesome tune someone else desperately needs. Help them. Let's make it a thing.


  1. Great playlist and I like your premise of the lazy lawman being inspired.

  2. Certain playlists really get the inspo going :)